The private ChatGPT for your company

Build & securely share internal AI Chat apps. Provide & monitor team access to GPT-4, Claude, Gemini and other major LLMs. Avoid data leakages. All, while keeping costs under control.

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Give ChatGPT access to your entire company without breaking the bank

Only pay for the tokens consumed, and expect savings of up to 70% compared to ChatGPT for Teams.

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Chat with any Large Language Model

The world does not end with OpenAI. Experiment with other models like Llama 2, Mixtral or Google Gemini, and choose the one that best suits your use case.

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Create personalised chatbots & share them with your team

Copy-pasting lengthy prompts is in the past. Build your own chatbots for repeatable tasks, and let your team re-use them.

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Your bank account
will thank us

Joia links directly to Large Language Model providers like OpenAI via API. And instead of paying for a flat fee, we only pay for what you use, which turns out to be significantly less than the monthly fee.

Monthly cost per user

$7 (average)
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